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Success Stories

“I have never had physical therapy and did not know what to expect following my surgery. All of the staff at BRPT have made it a wonderful experience. The physical therapists that I have worked with (Zartie and Michael) are knowledgeable and help me understand why we are doing each of the exercises. They quickly figured out my personality and approach me in a way that works well. They are supportive and encourage me to do my best while ensuring I do everything correctly so that my recovery is smooth. I have made great progress and look forward to a full recovery due to their support and work. Thank you so much!”


“Made me feel better than I have in months…after just one visit!”


“If it weren’t for the therapists at Blue Ridge, I would not have the range of motion in my arm after a bad fracture, nor would my back pain and knee pain be improving. They have the most caring, professional staff I’ve ever experienced.”


“I have limped for over five years after repeated surgeries on my foot. I was so sad that at the age of 45 to walk like a much older woman. I would never have believed how much better I would be after a few short visits. They also recommended an orthotist, got me set up for an insert in my shoe. I am now a graduate of your services. I am doing my home program every day and my foot is better every day because of it. Thank you for such good service.”


“Today was my last of nine therapy sessions dealing with my ailing right shoulder. From the moment I first entered your facility on 24 July until I left today I was treated with exemplary professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency; not only by my therapist, Kelli, but also by the ladies at the counter, and several other staff persons who were helpful to me now and then. Never during my hours spent in your facility did I feel anything but safe, well cared for, and respected.”